LYSA brand was born in Ukraine in 2016 when its founder Ira Lysa dared to declare herself an independent designer who was ready to create and share her passion for fashion.

LYSA is now based in New York City, where the brand draws inspiration thanks to the furiousness of the city, which also helps to place the necessary accents and priorities for artists who are in the neverending search.

LYSA believes in smart clothes when a dress can be worn as a coat, when one can combine differentcollection pieces, when garments are reversible.

LYSA also believes in a simple and comfortable design. Our design makes our clothes an exquisite complement to the dynamic lifestyle of today’s multitasking women who are going from workwear to casual to nightout. Apparel by LYSA can keep you dressed from day to night.

LYSA doesn’t create seasonal collections based on trends. Our mission is to make clothes that emphasize the uniqueness of women who value resources and use attractive clothing that lasts longer than a single season.

Clothes by LYSA are handmade in small numbers, so you can always count on looking unique.

Dress for life, do not live to dress.

Visit us at 434 W Broadway, in SoHo, NYC.

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